2024-04 - Victoria Curriculum Maths 2.0 - Mathematics Strand

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(Updated with 'DSY-25063 - Curriculum Area 'VC2M' Description = Mathematics'  version on 23 April 2024)

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Install Database Patcher for Hotfix

Victorian Curriculum Maths 2.0 Available

Victorian Curriculum Maths 2.0 was made available in Synergetic from Version 71.08.


The Victorian Government recently issued further guidance and updated reporting specifications to support reporting against Mathematics Version 2.0.

They provided this guidance on the Making teacher judgements and assigning scores for student reporting – Mathematics Version 2.0 web page.

In short this clarified that where schools take up Mathematics 2.0, reporting must be against an overarching teacher judgement each semester.


This recent advice caused us to re-assess our solution and introduce some changes.

In Release 71.08, the 6 new Mathematics 2.0 Strands were released, and were available for loading into Subject Other Area Definition Maintenance. Based on the Victorian Government clarification and post release 71.18 we will no longer have these 6 strands available to load into Subject Other Area Definition Maintenance.  There will now be a single Mathematics strand representing Mathematics 2.0.

However, schools that have already loaded the 6 individual Mathematics strands will retain them, and schools can add them manually if wanted.

Full detail is available in the Knowledge Base article linked to in sub para 4) below.  Please read this article.

Obtaining and applying the hotfix

We have created an SQL fix that makes the Maths 2.0, Mathematics Strand changes as listed in the KB article in para 4) below. To apply the changes to your database, a sys admin or other authorised user will need to

1) Download the fix from the link below :

2) Save to a location of your choosing, that you can access from your SQL Server

3) Open and run the patcher

  • Open the zip file and extract the included exe file to your SQL server (or to a location that is able to communicate with the SQL Server)
  • Run the exe - this will run a database patcher wizard which will take you through the steps to update the required reference data table.
  • The patcher can be applied with Users remaining logged in and will only take seconds to run

4) Once the patcher has completed successfully, your system will have updated, follow the recommended courses of action outlined in:

    or having read and understood the KB, choose your own course of action.

Requesting Assistance

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, our Support team is available to assist:

Please make sure to mention that your query is in relation to the ‘Victorian Curriculum Maths 2.0, Mathematics Strand (v71.18)' fix, to help our support team action your request as efficiently as possible.