Payroll Maintenance - FTE tab

Use the FTE tab to:

  • View the current award and FTE arrangements of the employee.
  • Maintain work arrangements when the award and/or the hours per period worked change, expressed as a full-time equivalent (FTE). For example, an employee may be a part-time employee and then be made a full-time employee at the start of the new year, or may be paid different rates for different types of work.

All entries for the employee that have a pay code of N (Normal Pay) must add up to the total FTE figure.
For example, a gardening and maintenance employee may receive the following pay for the week:



















When you enter the employee's FTE you must set a date from which it will apply. Throughout the year part-time employees may work different hours depending on demand. Therefore Synergetic allows you to enter as many different FTEs as you like for the employee as long as they have different dates.

If in a rare case an employee has more than one FTE on any one day, a time factor can be applied to the date. See Entering dates and times in the Introduction manual.

 Opening the FTE tab

To open the FTE tab:

  1. Select Payroll > Payroll Employee Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Payroll Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the employee payroll record for the staff member. See Searching for payroll employees.
    The Personal tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the FTE tab.
    The FTE tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.

Payroll Maintenance - FTE tab key fields and buttons

The fields in the Current FTE area correspond to the selected record in the FTE History grid.



Award Code

The award the employee is currently employed under.

FTE Total

The full-time equivalent total for the employee.
For example, employees who work three full days a week would have an FTE Total of 0.6.

Effective From

The date the award is effective from.

Full Time Hours Per Day

The number of hours the employee works in a full day.

Override Award

Select to indicate that the employee's award in Payroll should be different from the one in Human resources. This prevents it being listed as a discrepancy.

Override FTE

Select to indicate that the employee's FTE in Payroll should be different from the one in Human resources. This prevents it being listed as a discrepancy.

Grid area fields
Note: The grid area fields cannot be edited. To make changes to an employee's award, create a new award entry by clicking .



Effective From

Date the changed employment condition is effective from.

The most recent date is used to determine the current entry used.

Award Code

Award code that applies. See Payroll Configuration - Leave Awards tab. Full-time equivalent value of the current arrangement.

FTE Total

Full-time equivalent hours for the position.

A full-time employee has a FTE value of 1.0, while a part-time will be less than one.

For example, a half-time employee has an FTE value of 0.5.

Works Full Days

If selected, the employee works full days.

Note: This field ensures the leave entitlement calculation in days and hours is accurate for employees who work partial days.

Override Hours Per Day

The conversion factor to convert hours to days, if different to the standard.




Open the Change FTE/Award window to add a new award for the employee. See Change FTE/Award window.

Note: To make an award similar to an existing FTE entry, highlight the existing entry and click . The Change FTE/Award window fields are populated with the existing entry information.

Delete the highlighted FTE record.