Payroll Overview

The Synergetic payroll module allows you to process your organisation's payroll.

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain payroll configuration.

Maintain payroll codes.

Maintaining payroll codes.

Maintain pay rates.


Configure leave.

Configuring leave.

Encrypt payroll data and use encrypted payroll data.

Maintain payroll employee details.

Maintaining payroll employees.

Process current pays.

Finalise current pays and submit Single Touch Payroll (AU) or Payday Filing (NZ) files.Finalising payroll.
Maintain Single Touch Payroll and Payday Filing submissions.Maintaining STP and Payday Filing submissions.

Process superannuation.

Prepare IRD (Inland Revenue Department) Monthly schedules in New Zealand.

Preparing IRD monthly schedules.

Perform the payroll year end process.

Print Key payroll reports.

Key payroll reports.

Process key Payroll Action Centre messages.Key Payroll Action Centre messages