Finalising payroll

Finalising pay previously involved completing multiple steps in different programs within the Payroll module. Now these steps have been condensed into the Finalise payroll window.

Use the Finalise Payroll window to finalise pays by completing the following steps:

 Opening the Finalise Payroll window

To open the Finalise Payroll window:

  1. Select Payroll > Finalise Payroll from the main menu.
    The Finalise Payroll window is displayed.

    Australian organisations see the following version:

    New Zealand organisations see the following version:

Finalise Payroll window key fields and buttons


Posting NumberPosting number of the selected STP event.
DescriptionDescription of the pay. For example, Casual Pay.
Bank AccountBank account the employees are paid from.
Pay Date

Pay date.

Note: You should be mindful of the Last Pay Date when nominating the Pay Date, to ensure that regular periods are specified. See Create New Pay window.

GL Date

The date written to the general ledger when you close off the pay using the Finalise Payroll window.

Note: This date is set using the GL Date field on the Create New Pay window. See Create New Pay window.

Payment AvailableThe date the pay will be available to staff.
Expected Super PaymentThe date that superannuation payments are expected to be made on behalf of the staff member.
Pay Start Date

Start date of the selected pay period.

Note: Synergetic automatically calculates the start of the pay period from the End of Pay Period and Payroll Group. See Create New Pay window.

Pay End DateEnd date of the selected pay period.



Launch the Select Pay to Process window to select a pay to process in the Finalise Payroll window.

Launch the Change Payroll Summary Details window to update payroll summary information. See Changing payroll summary information.

Note: At any stage prior to STP processing, you can deselect the Single Touch Payroll Enabled field on the Change Payroll Summary Details window to choose not to submit current payroll details to the Australian Tax Office. 

Lock the current pay and commence payroll finalisation. See Commencing payroll finalisation.

Print journals and view the Payroll Journal report. See Viewing the payroll reports.

Process EFT payments. See Processing EFT payments.

Process cheque payments, if necessary. See Processing cheque payments.

Close off the current pay. See Closing off pay.


Process the Single Touch Payment submission. See Processing STP and Payday Filing.

Australian organisations process STP events and New Zealand organisations process Payday Filing exports.

Note: For information about maintaining STP events and Payday Filing exports, see Maintaining STP and Payday Filing submissions.

Print payslips for the current pay. See Processing payslips.