Maintaining payroll configuration

Use Payroll Configuration Maintenance to view and maintain information about the payroll configuration used when processing payroll. Every organisation has a different payroll setup, so Synergetic allows you to configure it to your own needs. The settings that you define here are the overall settings that are used throughout the payroll system.

You maintain information such as:

  • banking configuration
  • leave awards
  • tax rates
  • pay groups
  • links from payroll to the general ledger
  • PAYG references in Australia
  • PAYE references in New Zealand.

What you can do:

What you can do…



  • clearing accounts
  • leave loading tax free limit
  • monthly earning for superannuation
  • default bank account.

Payroll Configuration - General tab.

Maintain the payer details of your organisation for inclusion in Single Touch Payroll (AU) and Payday Filing (NZ) submissions.Payroll Configuration - Payer tab.

Maintain a list of the Business Management System software IDs used by your organisation. 

Payroll Configuration - BMS ID tab


  • industrial awards that are used at your organisation
  • leave codes associated with each award
  • leave entitlements for the selected leave code and award.

Payroll Configuration - Leave Awards tab.

Maintain pay groups at your organisation.

Payroll Configuration - Pay Groups tab.


  • tax scales
  • minimum and maximum levels at which the tax scales apply.

Payroll Configuration - Tax Rates tab.

Maintain rates that apply when an employee is repaying a HECS-HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) debt.

Payroll Configuration - HELP Tax Rates tab.

Record any levies charged to staff as part of the payroll process, for example Social Club dues.

Payroll Configuration - Levies tab.

Record any rebates given to staff as part of the payroll process, for example Family Tax Benefits.

Payroll Configuration - Rebates tab.

Record any superannuation tax brackets and percentages.

Payroll Configuration - Super Tax tab.