Maintaining pay codes

Use Pay Code Maintenance to view and maintain information about pay codes used when maintaining payroll.


How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…



  • key information about the pay code, including type and description
  • general ledger allocations
  • pay rates and factors
    View effect on leave entitlements.

Pay Code Maintenance - General tab.


  • superannuation information
  • report parameters
  • export parameters.

View payroll employees who have a pay code set up against them.

View changes that have been made to pay code

  • pay rates
  • factors
  • amounts and the effective date of those changes.

Important: Pay events have been deprecated and are no longer functional. The content displayed on this tab is for historical auditing purposes only.

View details of changes made to the selected pay code.

Pay Code Maintenance - Maint tab