Calculating superannuation

The Monthly Superannuation Calculation program is used when you want to calculate superannuation for those employees who do not always exceed the minimum monthly superannuation limit, usually casual employees.

For each of these employees, select Monthly Super Calc Program using the Super Calculation Mode drop-down list on the pay code line item for superannuation in their Pay Details tab. This will ensure that no superannuation is calculated during any current pays.

Note: You cannot use the Monthly Super Calc Program option for Single Touch Payroll. Single Touch Payroll submissions require superannuation to be reported at the time of the submission.

Tip: For casual employees it is a good idea to only have a line item of Superannuation in their Pay Details tab with Monthly Super Calc Program selected in the Super Calculation Mode drop-down list. This will ensure that you do not forget to enter their superannuation when you enter their pay data.

At the end of the month run the Monthly Super Calculation program. This:

  • picks up all those employees with the Monthly Super Calc Program value selected in the Super Calculation Mode drop-down list
  • adds up all their updated pays to see if they have passed the minimum monthly superannuation limit (currently set to $450 in Payroll Configuration Maintenance).

If they have passed the minimum monthly superannuation limit, the system will calculate the amount of superannuation that is due and post that to a new current pay. This current pay will have a description of Monthly Superannuation Calculation, so you always know which pay run it is. You can then print off payslips that have the calculated superannuation amounts so you can distribute them to your employees.

The program will only ever calculate super on pay runs that have been updated for that period.

Running the monthly superannuation calculation program

To run the monthly superannuation calculation program:

Note: You must first have finalised current pays. See Finalising payroll.

  1. Select Module > Payroll > Monthly Super Calculation from the main menu.
    The Payroll Monthly Superannuation Calculation window is displayed.
  2. Type in your selections.
  3. Click .
    Superannuation is calculated based on your selections. 

Payroll Monthly Superannuation Calculation window key fields



Earning Threshold From and To

Range of gross earnings to calculate superannuation for.

For example, $450 is the threshold below which employees are not entitled to receive superannuation. Type in 450 into the Earning Threshold From field.

Process Period From and To

Period to process superannuation details for.

The default period is for the current month.


Category of payroll employees.

Pay Group

Group used to group payroll processing. For example, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Reduce payment amount if super exists

Select to reduce the amount payable by the super amount if super exists in the specified period.

Create New Pay

Creates a new pay run to process superannuation only.

Create Pay List

Creates a report showing who was paid.

Bank Code

Select the bank account for the superannuation payment.

Pay Date

Date the payment is being made.

Tip: You can use the Calc Based On field of the Payroll tab of Synergetic Financial Configuration to select the date used to calculate superannuation. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Payroll tab.