Key payroll reports

There are a number of standard reports available to you to help you manage your payroll. See the folder of Crystal Reports supplied to your organisation.

To access these reports, select Module > Payroll > Payroll Crystal Reports Available. You can browse or search through reports:

  • previously marked as 'favourites'
  • from a specific module
  • from all modules.

You can search for reports based on the report:

  • description
  • code.

See Running reports in the Introduction manual for general information on how to run reports in Synergetic.

Description of key reports

Payroll Master File Listing

Generates a detailed listing of pay details for each payroll employee including:

  • general details (i.e. address, pay group)
  • payment methods
  • pay details
  • year-to-date totals and summary.

Australian organisations can use this report to reconcile annual payroll totals with EOFY totals reported to the ATO. 

Payroll Employee Leave Applications

Generates a detailed listing of employee leave application details for a given:

  • pay run posting
  • date range
  • leave type
  • Community ID
  • leave application status.

Payroll admins can use this report to view leave transaction details for one or more pay runs. Using this information, they can update the payroll employee leave transactions on the Leave tab of Payroll Maintenance. See Payroll Maintenance - Leave tab.

Important: Confidential leave applications are not listed in this Crystal Report. When a confidential leave application is approved, the confidential leave approver (defined using the Job Position for Confidential Leave Approvals field on the Synergetic Financial Configuration - Payroll tab) should manually update the leave transaction on the Leave tab of Payroll Maintenance. See Payroll Maintenance - Leave tab.

Note: When a pay run posting or date range is entered, leave applications starting before or ending after the pay run or entered dates have one or both of the Start Date and Return Date fields displayed in red.