Payroll Maintenance - Pays tab

Use the Pays tab to view:

  • key values of past and current pays
  • details and pay methods of pays
  • preview or email payslips.

By displaying key values, you can quickly review a variety of information. Just scroll:

  • down to the pays for a particular period (using the Date field)
  • across to the columns (fields) to be viewed.

 Opening the Pays tab

To open the Pays tab:

  1. Select Payroll > Payroll Employee Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Payroll Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the employee payroll record for the staff member. See Searching for payroll employees.
    The Personal tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Pays tab.
    The Pays tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. If required:

    • click on the up and down arrows to select a different Year
    • click .

Payroll Maintenance - Pays tab key fields and buttons




Past Pays Only

Select to display past pays.

Current Pays Only

Select to display current pays only.

Grid area fields




The date the pay was processed.


The posting number of the pay.


Selected if the pay was archived.

See Archive Path field in Synergetic Financial Configuration - Payroll tab in the Finance manual.

Income StreamATO defined income stream type.

Country code of the selected payroll employee.

Country code only required for pay codes with the following income stream types:

  • Foreign Employment (FEI)
  • Inbound Assignees to Australia (IAA)
  • Working Holiday Maker (WHM).

Note: Income stream types are selected using the General tab of Pay Code Maintenance. See Pay Code Maintenance - General tab.


The gross amount paid to the staff member.

Sal Sac (non-super)The amount of non-superannuation salary sacrifice.
Sal Sac (Super)The amount of superannuation salary sacrifice.

Total A/D

Combined tax allowance and deductions.


The amount of tax withheld from the pay.


The nett pay received by the staff member.

Emp'er Super

The superannuation contribution from the employer.


Any termination pay included.

Note: Termination pay is included in the Earnings not liable for levy section of the IRD Report. See Preparing IRD monthly schedules.


The frequency of the pay. For example, Monthly, Fortnightly.


The number of pay periods this pay includes. This affects the tax calculation for the pay.

For example, a pay that would normally fall during the payroll administrator's Christmas break is added to the preceding pay. This preceding pay incorporates two pay periods, so employees are taxed at the usual rate instead of a higher tax bracket.


The amount received classified as 'normal' pay.

Tax Allow

The amount of before-tax allowance.

Non Tax Allow

The amount added to the employee's nett pay.


Any tax deductions.

Emp'ee Super

The amount withheld for voluntary superannuation contributions.

STP Status

Status of the Single Touch Payroll file submitted to the Australian Tax Office.

This field can be set to either:

  • Not Sent
  • Ready to Send
  • Sent Manually
  • Sent by STP.

Note: For more information about the STP Status options, see Payroll Maintenance - Declarations tab.

Payday Status (NZ)

Status of the Payday Filing Export submitted to the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department.

This field can be set to either:

  • Not Exported
  • Ready to Export
  • Exported.

Note: For more information about the export options, see Payroll Maintenance - Declarations tab.


The amount withheld for HECS-HELP repayments.

Super Tax

Tax paid on superannuation contributions.

Other Pay GrossThe gross amount of other pay paid to the staff member.
Other Pay WithholdThe amount of other pay withheld by the staff member.


Any comment on the pay.




Refresh the data shown after changing the Year.

This shows details of the highlighted pay. For example:

You can click:

  • to launch the selected pay code in Pay Code Maintenance
  • to view timesheets imported for the selected pay code. See Viewing imported timesheet entries.
  • to edit the selected pay line using the Edit pay line window.

    Note: You can edit the GL Code field after pay has been locked for finalisation provided the pay has not been closed off.

    Note: The selection of fields that appear on the Edit Pay Line is context sensitive, driven by the Pay Code.

    Note: You can edit the ETP Reason field for previously submitted pays. Once you change the ETP reason, Synergetic displays the following window.

    You can click to process the STP update event using the STP Maintenance window. See Processing STP Update Events.

This shows the payment methods for the highlighted pay. For example:

Click to preview the payslip. If the payslip has been stored in the database, Synergetic retrieves it. Otherwise the report is regenerated.

Note: You can force Synergetic to regenerate the payslip by pressing the Shift key when you click.

Synergetic emails a copy of the payslip, if it has been stored in the database.

Note: Synergetic cannot email payslip copies if you have not selected to store payslips in the database. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Payroll tab in the Finance manual.

Click to display the Income Stream Errors window. For information about fixing income stream errors, see Fixing income stream type errors.

Note: This button is only displayed when there are pays with income stream type errors.