Payroll Maintenance - Salary tab

Use the Salary tab to:

  • maintain annual salary details
  • maintain superannuation base rates
  • view last pay details.


 Opening the Salary tab

To open the Salary tab:

  1. Select Payroll > Payroll Employee Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Payroll Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the employee payroll record for the staff member. See Searching for payroll employees.
    The Personal tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Salary tab.
    The Salary tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.

Payroll Maintenance - Salary tab key fields



Annual Salary

Calculated annual salary of the employee.

Salary Effective From

Date the latest Annual Salary is effective from.

Calculate Annual Salary

Clear if the salary is not calculated.

The annual salary is calculated from the Pay Details tab.

Ref Super Base

Optionally used to determine superannuation amounts from a nominal figure, rather than the actual pay. Commonly used in New Zealand.

Annual Allowance

Budget for the employee's annual allowance.

Annual Budget

Gross budget for the employee.

Agreed Weekly Pay Amount (NZ)

Amount of weekly pay agreed upon by an employer and employee for the purposes of determining holiday pay.

Note: This field populates the Agreed Weekly Pay Amount field on the Weekly Earnings Assistant tab of Payroll Maintenance. See Payroll Maintenance - Weekly Earnings Assistant tab.

Last Nett Pay

Amount the employee received after tax in their last payment.

Last Pay Date

Date the employee was last paid.