Payroll Configuration - General tab

Use the General tab to configure the Payroll module. 

What you can do:

What you can do...


You can configure:

  • General details including:

    - key dates
    - clearing accounts
    - default bank account
    - monthly earning for superannuation
    - leave prompts, calculations and job positions.

  • Payslip details including leave loading tax free limit

    - notification method
    - max. pages per payslip
    - storage/archive details.

  • Government submission details including:

    - whether STP is enabled
    - which STP version is enabled
    - whether STP is running in test mode.

  • Payroll encryption.
Payroll Configuration - General tab - Page 1 sub-tab

You can configure payroll options and discrepancy checks.

Payroll Configuration - General tab - Page 2 sub-tab