Payroll Configuration - Leave Awards tab

Use the Leave Awards tab to maintain:

  • industrial awards that are used at your organisation
  • leave codes associated with each award
  • leave entitlements for the selected leave code and award.

There is a three-tiered hierarchy when maintaining leave awards, from the top-down:

  • award
  • leave code
  • leave entitlement.

 Opening the Leave Awards tab

To open the Leave Awards tab:

  1. Select Module > Payroll > Payroll Configuration Maintenance from the main menu.
    The General tab of the Payroll Configuration window is displayed.
  2. Click the Leave Awards tab.
    The Leave Awards tab of the Payroll Configuration window is displayed.

Payroll Configuration
- Leave Awards tab key fields and buttons
Awards area fields

Leave area fields



Leave Code

Within each award code, you define the different types of leave, for example annual leave, sick leave and so on. Each type of the leave within an award must have a unique leave code.


Units that leave is defined in, for example: days or months.
Note: Awards that use the Hours Worked Calc Method must use Hours for Units.


If selected, leave is payable to employees.
Note: This field does not affect calculation; it is only used for reporting. For example, leave liabilities only include Payable leave.


Select to indicate that the employee can accrue this type of leave. The entitlement amount is added to the employee's entitlement balance.
If this is not selected, the employee will lose any unused entitlements when they reach the entitlement roll period.

Always FTE

Indicates whether the selected leave type is always processed on an FTE basis.
Note: This field is selected using the ForceFTELeaveCalcFlag field on the luPayrollLeave lookup table. See luPayrollLeave lookup table in the Finance manual.

Up Front

Determines when FTE-based leave entitlements are calculated. Either:

  • select to calculate entitlements at the start of the FTE period the employee is about to work
  • clear to calculate entitlements at the end of the FTE period the employee has just worked.

Apply FTE

If the leave calculation is FTE, the employee's FTE is used to adjust the leave entitlement. For example:

  • long service leave entitlements may not be adjusted by the employee's FTE, so employees receive the same long service leave whether they work a full or half load
  • annual leave entitlements often are adjusted by FTE, so an employee receives annual leave in proportion to their workload.

Max Units

Maximum entitlement that an employee can have. A value of 0 indicates that there is no limit.

Units Per Year

Estimated units accrued per year pro rata, according to the employee's FTE. Used to calculate future financial leave liability in Crystal Reports.

Leave Entitlements area fields



After Months Employed

Number of months the staff member has to be employed before they can take this type of leave.

Additional Months

How often the entitlement accrues.

Entitlement Units

Number of units of leave that the employee accrues per unit worked.

Pro Rata

Select to allow the employee to take leave on a pro rata basis before it is accrued. Leave entitlements are normally accrued at the end of the period.

Entitlement Hours Per Pay Period

How many hours of leave an employee accrues if they work the Full Time Hours/Pay hours in a pay period. This is calculated on a pro rata basis.
Note: This field is only displayed for awards that use the Hours Worked Calc Method.

The buttons beside each of the areas perform similar functions for their area.



Add an additional row then type into the fields in the grid area.

Delete the highlighted row in the grid area.
Note: When deleting an award or leave code, all underlying records in the hierarchy are deleted.