Changing payroll summary information

eYou can change the:

  • overall pay date
  • description
  • bank account that the pay comes from.

To change the payroll summary information run:

  1. Open Current Pay Maintenance. See Current Pay Maintenance - Detail tab.
    The Detail tab of the Current Pay Maintenance window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Change Payroll Summary Details window is brought to the front.

    Note: At any stage prior to STP processing, you can deselect the Single Touch Payroll Enabled field on the Change Payroll Summary Details window to choose not to submit current payroll details to the Australian Tax Office. 

    Note: You can set the active version of Single Touch Payroll using the Version field on the General tab of Payroll Configuration. See Payroll Configuration - General tab.

  3. Change the Pay Date, Description or Bank Account as required.
  4. Click .