Commencing payroll finalisation

To commence payroll finalisation:

  1. Open the Finalise Payroll window. See Finalising Payroll.
    The Finalise Payroll window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Select Pay to Process window is displayed.
  3. Select the pay to be processed using the grid area.
  4. Click .

    Note: You can click to change the payroll summary information or choose not to submit the current details to the ATO, if necessary. For information about the Change Payroll Summary Details window, see Changing payroll summary information.

    Note: STP update events for pay submissions from prior financial years are generated using the Single Touch Payroll version enabled when the pay was originally submitted.

  5. Click .
    The Confirm window is displayed.
  6. Click .
    Commencing payroll finalisation is complete.

    •  is displayed next to the  button.
    • All the remaining buttons on the Finalise Payroll window are enabled.

    Note: You can only click Process Cheques button if you have employees paid by cheque.

    You can continue the payroll finalisation process by viewing the payroll reports. See Viewing the payroll reports.