Processing payslips

Before printing payslips

Before printing payslips, ensure that the method of notification is set for each employee. Set the:

Also, payslips can be set up to be archived to a directory as PDF (portable document format) documents, using the Also Store Printed Payslips in Database field on the General tab of Payroll Configuration. See Payroll Configuration - General tab. Stored payslips can be made available to staff via the SynWeb Staff Kiosk.

To process payslips:

  1. Open the Finalise Payroll window. See Finalising payroll.
    The Finalise Payroll window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Print Payroll Payslips window is displayed.
  3. Make your selections.
  4. Click .
    The payslips are processed.

Print Payroll Payslips window key fields and buttons


Preview payslip PDF document before unstitchingPreview the payslips of all employees in one PDF before the PDF has been unstitched into individual payslips.
Preview payslip PDF document after unstitching

Preview the payslips of individual employees after unstitching.

Note: This field does not appear if the Store individual payslips using embedded hidden delimiter is not selected on the General tab of Payroll Configuration. See Payroll Configuration - General tab.

Process Email NotificationsProcess and email payslips that are sent by email.
Process Printed NotificationsProcess and print payslips that are printed.
CategoryGroup the employee belongs to. You may categorise employees by the type of employee, for example Admin or Teaching, or the location they work in so that all the payslips for a particular location are printed together.
IDSynergetic ID of the payroll employee.

From Surname

To Surname
Print employees with a name between the range specified.
CommentThis comment will appear on all payslips.
Show Year To Date TotalsSelect to display year-to-date totals on the pay slip.
Show Payment MethodsSelect to display payment methods on the pay slip.
Show Factor Using @ FormatYou can either hide the factors all together, or show them where they are relevant, for example, Deduction - Pre-Tax (non-superannuation) @ 0.100.
Show Leave EntitlementsSelect to display leave entitlements on the pay slip.
Test Mode

Test the payslip printing by redirecting all email notifications to the currently logged-in user.

Note: You cannot change where the test email is sent.



Find employees using the Get Payroll ID window.

Mark payslip processing as complete without printing payslips.

Use this button when you have had to unlock the pay, but payslips have already been sent do not need to be sent again.