Payroll Maintenance - Pay Methods tab

Use the Pay Methods tab to maintain payment methods for an employee. You can pay an employee by:

  • direct crediting their nominated bank accounts
  • cheque
  • cash.

If direct crediting pays, most employees elect to have their pay or salary paid into one bank account. However, you can split an employee's salary over multiple bank accounts. These split payments can be calculated as either by a percentage or by directly entering an amount. There is no limit on the number of bank accounts an employee can nominate.

The percentages of each of the splits must add up to 100 percent.


 Opening the Pay Methods tab

To open the Pay Methods tab:

  1. Select Payroll > Payroll Employee Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Payroll Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the employee payroll record for the staff member. See Searching for payroll employees.
    The Personal tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Pay Methods tab.
    The Pay Methods tab of the Payroll Maintenance window is displayed.

    Note: The last payment method in the list does not require a split percent or fixed amount. The remainder of the pay is paid by this method.
    Note: Ensure the entry line where the Split Percent and Split Amounts are zero is the last line, as any entry lines after it will be ignored.

Paying by cheque

You should print cheques before you update any current pay through Print Payroll Cheques. See /wiki/spaces/SYNMAIN/pages/2294724761.
If you need to change any amounts or if an error occurs while printing, you can reset either one or all of the cheques using Reset Payroll Cheques. See Resetting payroll cheques.

Paying by EFT
EFT (electronic funds transfer) payments are automatically processed using the Process EFT Payments program. See Processing EFT payments. This program creates a pay file that can be interpreted by banks to electronically transfer funds between your organisation's bank account to individual payroll members' accounts.
After processing, a preview of the Bank Deposit Slip is displayed. You can double check EFT payments then either choose to print a hard copy of the slip or close the window and make alterations to your pay.

Paying by cash
You can check all cash payments for employees, either for the current pay or previous pays using the Coinage Analysis program. See /wiki/spaces/SYNMAIN/pages/2294724760.

Payroll Maintenance - Pay Methods tab key fields and buttons
The following fields are used to add new payment methods and maintain the highlight payment method in the grid area.



Pay Method

The method of payment, whether:

  • EFT
  • cheque
  • cash.

Split Percent

Percentage split of the pay method for the current payroll employee.

Bank BSB

Unique code for the bank at which the employee has an account.

Bank Account

Employee's bank account number.

Override Bank Reference

Name used on the bank account, if different from the employee's name.




Add a new row at the bottom of the grid area and type details in the payment method fields.

Insert a new row in the grid area before the highlighted record and type details in the payment method fields.

Delete the highlighted payment method.

Move the highlighted payment method up in the grid.

Move the highlighted payment method down in the grid.