Creating new staff members

To create a new staff member, either:

  • click on the Set Staff Search Criteria window
  • click on the Staff Maintenance toolbar
  • select File > New from the main menu
  • right click on the Staff Selector grid and select New
  • press Ctrl + N.

Several data input windows will follow. See Staff creation windows if you need more information about what to enter when you are creating a new student.

You can navigate using
and if required.

For each new staff member:

  1. Enter their personal details and employment information in the Staff Maintenance window. See Maintaining staff.
  2. Add the staff member to a job position. See Appointing staff members to a job position.
  3. Create a payroll record. Creating new payroll employees in the Payroll manual.
  4. Assign the staff member to any relevant constituencies. See Community Maintenance - Constits tab in the Community manual.

If the new staff member needs to use Synergetic:

  1. Create a new Synergetic user for the staff member, add them to a security group and authorise them to relevant G/L codes. See Creating new users and Group/User Security Maintenance - Users view in the System maintenance manual.
  2. Create an email address using your organisation's internal processes and enter it as the default email for the staff member. See Community Maintenance - Occupation tab.

If the new staff member is a teaching staff member, also:

  1. Create or load your organisation's default timetable definition for the staff member on the Definition tab of Staff Schedule Maintenance. See Staff Schedule Maintenance - Definition tab in the Curriculum manual.
  2. Add the classes that they teach. See Staff Maintenance - Classes tab.
  3. Make the staff member available as a substitute, if necessary. See Making a staff member available as a substitute.

Tip: You may need to reload click File > Reload Configuration Settings so that the new staff member is displayed in drop-down lists.