v68 - Single Database


The single database design supports the simplification and usage of Synergetic in single and multi tenant environments. It has benefits for scalability, resource allocation and performance.

The existing structure of the Synergetic database was designed initially for its traditional deployment in‐premise at its client schools and colleges. It had a number of separate databases separating community and student information from the financial and multimedia content.

There are numerous advantages of the Synergetic database redesign, however some will only be relevant in cloud/shared hosting environments (where available).

For our individual client schools the important benefits are:

  • Paves the way for cloud hosted Synergetic. 
    This structure will facilitate easy migration to cloud hosting (when available) as the same database structure is used for in premise and hosted clients.
  • Host Synergetic test databases on the same SQL instance as the live Synergetic database.
    Databases will no longer need to be called specifically SynergyOne, SynergyOneFinance and SynergyOne Media which was required for cross‐database functioning. This naming convention meant that you could not hold more than one Synergetic database group on a SQL Server instance. Test databases or Pre‐production databases had to be hosted on different SQL instances. This will no longer be the case and a school could put a test database and a live database on the same SQL instance.
  • The new, single database structure is easier to understand and explain.

For schools who may want to share a SQL instance in a cloud environment or may move to our future hosted cloud product, there are additional advantages:

  • Individual schools in a multitenant system can be backed up and restored independently though sharing a SQL Server.
  • Portability: A school’s database can be moved more easily to a different server.
  • Speed improvements resulting from separate database files and separate message queues.
  • Separating schools into separate databases will minimise the risk to other tenants.
  • More scalable: can spread database files across more disks as needed.
  • Supports resource allocation ‐ may support slower disks for smaller schools.
  • Schools could have an offline copy of their database which potentially allows for test servers hosted locally at school even though cloud hosted.
  • Easily able to add dbo level security to a school’s sys admin if required.


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General Information (everyone should know)

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There should be no major noticeable procedural changes to the way you use Synergetic. However there are changes that can have an affect of your day to day usage.

As a System Administrator 

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