Prechecker checks and messages

The prechecker checks and reports on the following conditions:

Server version

The minimum server version supported by Synergetic is Windows Server 2012 R2

User local administration rights

Changes are made to the file system.  Consequently, the currently logged on user must have local administration rights.

User SQL admin rights

Changes are made to the database. You can either log onto the database using windows authentication or SQL authentication. The user supplied requires SysAdmin rights on the server and all tables . 

Sufficient backup space

The migration process consumes significant hard space. The approximate space required is estimated and reported upon. 

Test for tables with high number of records

Some tables contain a large number of records. These tables will impact on conversion time and space required. If such tables are found, a warning is issued.

Check user password has format

User passwords are encrypted with password hash. Microsoft has upgraded the hashing algorithm. Older passwords still have the older algorithm and cannot be converted. Users with older passwords are listed. If they are required after conversion, they will need to have their password updated.

Non Synergetic databases on server

Ideally, Synergetic servers should be dedicated to Synergetic databases. If non-Synergetic databases are found a warning is issued. If a restart is required during upgrade, non-Synergetic systems will also be affected.

Server not part of an availability group

Availability groups cannot be upgraded. The servers will need to be removed from the availability group, upgraded and then re-added to the availability group.

Server not using log shipping

Upgrade of servers with log shipping is not supported. Log shipping will need to be disabled prior to upgrade and then re-enabled after upgrade

Checks for agent based backups

Agent based backups may be disrupted during the migration process. If backup agents are used, a warning is issued.

Synergetic version number

Synergetic must be at a minimum version to be upgraded. Additional time will need to be allowed to upgrade Synergetic to the minimum version if this requirement is not met.

Ability to rename databases

During the upgrade process, the existing databases are renamed. This test ensures that the new names do not already exist.

Check the user views will recompile

This test ensures that user views can be successfully recompiled after upgrade. Warnings are issued for those views that cannot be recompiled.

Test for custom API

If there are any custom API methods, these will need to be re-authorised in SynWeb after migration.

Test for Middleware core URL configuration

The Middleware core URL value must be correctly configured prior to migration

Test SQL server service pack and cumulative updates

The latest version of SQL service pack must be installed prior to migration. Optionally, cumulative updates should be installed.