Saving Windows Grid Layouts

SummaryAbility to Save Grid Layouts in (Most) Windows Grids


Most grids in the Synergetic Windows application have been able to have changes made to their layout for some time including:

  • Reordering columns
  • Resizing columns
  • Adding additional columns (where Enable Grid Enhancements is available)
  • Removing columns (where Enable Grid Enhancement is available)

For example to add a Gender column to the Current Student maintenance selector grid, you would

  • Enable Grid Enhancements for the grid through the right-click menu option.


  • Add a Column by clicking on the arrow next to a column heading and selecting Columns > Add Columns After


  • Select Gender from the columns available for that grid:


New Feature

Most grids in Synergetic can now also have their layout saved by selecting Save Grid Layout in the menu obtained by right-clicking on the menu.

Reload Grid Layout will revert the grid to the last saved layout

Restore Default Grid Layout will revert the grid to the default settings.

For the selector grids in a maintenance program, these options are also available from the File Menu:


  • It is possible to save the grid layout in selector grids and static grids in the program.  Importantly this does work in General Ledger Maintenance > Budget/Actual which has been one of the most frequently requested places to save the grid.
  • It is not possible to save grid layouts for some (dynamically generated) grids where the grid layout is generated depending on other factors and changes frequently.  For example:
    • Student Results Maintenance > Grids for the results.  The columns shown are different depending on the class selected
    • Lookup Tables Maintenance. The columns shown are different depending on the lookup table selected.