NZQA Digital Assessments support


NZQA Digital Assessments support.


Synergetic build v67.28 or v68.09 (or any later builds)

Preparing to use the Digital Assessments

To see and maintain the new Digital Assessment options, you will need to:

  • Ensure you have an updated version of Synergetic which supports this (see pre-requisite versions above)
  • Import the NCEA standards file again (if you have only just upgraded to a supported version after previously importing the file)

Once you have imported the standards with a supported build of Synergetic, you will be able to see and maintain the new digital assessment setup.

Maintaining the Digital Assessment details

The Current Student Maintenance – NCEA tab shows the Assessment Request Indicators (as imported from the NCEA standards file):


Launching into the Standard also now shows this indicator value:



On the same NCEA tab in Student Maintenance, the Assessment Request Type field is able to be set - the options allowed in the dropdown list will change, based on the Assessment Request Indicator value for the standard.




Not Allowed

Sending the file to the Ministry

When you export the file, the export logic will check and confirm that selection options are valid (for example a Digital Exam is not able to be set for a Not Allowed item) and will generate the file with the Request Indicator values populated. 

Any values not explicitly populated, will default to the Not Selected value.


Q: What if my organisation is not planning to use or maintain Digital Submissions?

A: The Ministry has indicated they will receive submission files without this indicator, and will default to assuming a non-digital assessment is being used.

Note this also means that any organisation not planning to use this option for 2017, will not need to organise an update to the Synergetic build that supports it (as the file generated by earlier versions will be accepted by the Ministry and assumed to not be using Digital options)


Q: What if only some of my classes or students are to use Digital Submissions?  What do I need to do?

A: You will only need to set the Assessment Request Type for any students/classes where you are explicitly wanting to use the new options.  Any records in the export file which are not set, will default to 'Not Selected' as the value.


Q: Can I do a bulk set of the Assessment Request Type for all students in a class?

A: At this point No, you must individually set at a student level