2017 NZ MOE Roll Returns

We are pleased to announce that Synergetic has received accreditation for 2017 roll returns.  As we are rapidly approaching the March roll return date it is important that you get your system updated for the 2017 changes.

Click to download a PDF document with relevant information about 2017 MOE updates.

The new changes will be incorporated into the Synergetic program from version 67.20 onwards. In the meantime, we have created a patch for sites on v66 and v67 that can be installed to comply with 2017 requirements.

First, download the file NZMOE 2017 Update.zip. The file contains three zip files,

  1. 2017RollReturns DP Patch.zip – Database update.
  2. Reports – NZMOE.zip – Updated MOE reports to be placed under Synergetic\Reports directory.
  3. Program Update.zip – two program files to be placed in the main Synergetic directory.

You may need to get your system administrator to perform the installation.  If this is the case then please forward this to them


After downloading the NZMOE 2017 Update.zip file, follow the instructions below to install the update.

  1. Extract the contents of the zip file to a location on the SQL server
  2. Extract contents of Reports – NZMOE.zip file and copy all reports to the Synergetic\Reports folder on your server.
  3. Extract contents of Program Update.zip file and copy StuXie.exe and DebenuPDFLibraryDLL1115 .dll file to the Synergetic folder on your server.
  4. Extract contents of 2017RollReturns DP Patch.zip file and run 2017RollReturns.exe - database backup will be performed as a part of this update.

No system downtime is required to run the update

Once the update is completed, run Students> Student Data Import/Export>MOE program in Synergetic to generate the file for 2017.  

One key thing to be aware of is that users part of the Synergetic SynSuperUser security group will not be able to create/approve MOE file. This is due to a new requirement listed with the 2017 update.

You will need to assign users permissions to the two security keys below in order to create and approve roll returns – Noted in page 17(and onwards) in the PDF doc.



Note if the roll return is approved by a designated user, only that user will require access to STU|StudentImportExport|MOE|ApproveRollReturn security key.

If you’re part of the SynSuperUser group and require to create/approve MOE file,

  1. Create a separate security group and assign permissions to the two security keys mentioned above.
  2. Add relevant user login(s) to the newly created security group.
  3. Temporarily remove relevant user login(s) from SynSuperUser group.
  4. You will now be able to create/approve MOE file.  

If you have any questions or issues with the update, Please contact Synergetic Support on +61 3 9803 8111.