RSS Feed Dashboard Tiles


The new Synergetic RSS tile option allows RSS feeds sourced either from a local CMS, or from anywhere else on the web, to be shown in the SynWeb dashboard.

If a local CMS is used then internal detail, such as school news or calendar, may be able to be displayed. 

The fully responsive RSS feed will show list of items that may be clicked on to launch the source of the article.

If there is no interaction, the news articles will 'auto' scroll through the articles available.

If the cursor is placed over the list, a scroll-able interaction may take place and the auto-scroll is paused.

Time stamp

If the article was created the either today or the previous day, the display will identify the article as created 'today' or 'yesterday' with the time stamp shown.

If older, then a full date time stamp will be displayed.

Install & Configuration

There is minimal configuration required.

Entries simply need to be added to the luDashboardTile lookup table.

  • Code - Arbitrary code
  • Description - Users may want to add the source of the RSS to the Description for clarity
  • ActiveFlag - Whether the RSS feed is available to users on a global basis
  • TileType - 'RSS'
  • Content - The RSS feed (XML) from the required source
  • ForceVisibleFlag - Do we make this mandatory on all user dashboards if they have permission to see the tile
  • Colour - This is the color of the tile frame
  • SecurityMeaning - Is this available to all users or does it need to be configured on a group security basis in Group User Security Maintenance > Dashboard Tiles

Once a RSS feed has been added to luDashboardTile the tile will automatically be available to users who have permission to see it.

Users will need to then select to add this to their dashboard through the SynWeb dashboard interface.


Note that RSS feeds can be designed and coded in many different ways. The source code included in the feed will determine how different feeds are displayed. Providers can change their designs at any time which could change the appearance of the feed in your dashboard.