As the upgrade to v68 requires a large architectural change (see v68 - Single Database) we are requiring that all clients, before booking an upgrade, complete the following prechecker and email the results along with your request.

You may run the prechecker as many times as you like, however please run the prechecker at least a day prior to your request as information can change from day-to-day.

Any prechecker failures on the day of upgrade may cause a delay or postponement.

For a list of errors see Prechecker checks and messages.

The following page lists the checks Single Database Prerequisites


  1. Download version -
  2. Extract the file to a location where SQL Server Management Studio and the Synergetic databases are installed
  3. Run the file V68SingleDBPreCheckerInstaller.exe
    1. It is highly recommended to right mouse click on the file and 'Run as administrator'
    2. If prompted, select 'Yes' on the User Account Control window

    3. The Setup - Synergetic SingleDB PreChecker Applicaiton window will appear, select 'Next >'

    4. This will prompt you for a location to install, select an appropriate location and select 'Next >'
      In many cases your directory will contain a ..\SynUpd\.. folder.  This is a standard place for Synergetic update files and can be utilised for the PreChecker install

    5. Confirm the Destination Location and select 'Install'

    6. When the installer is complete, the following Server details will appear
      1. Enter the database server name the Synergetic databases reside on
      2. Enter either the username and password (if utilising database authentication), or check the Windows Authentication if your login has high enough privileges to the SQL Database

    7. When ready, select the 'Begin Precheck' button

    8. This should only take a minute but may take longer for some databases


You will either receive a Green tick or a Red cross

Clicking on the icon (tick or cross) will display the results of the checker

  • You may have to associate the .htm to a browser such as IE, Chrome or Firefox

Against each test performed, the results will show either

  • Success
    • No action required
  • Warning
    • Migration to a single database can proceed, however there will most likely be manual intevention required at some point in the future
  • Critical failure
    • Migration to a single database cannot proceed until the failure is rectified

The stored results will be in the installation folder ..\{installation folder}\SingleDBConvert\10 Environment Pre-check\log

  • For a detailed listing of the test results view the contents of the .log file
    • The files are named in the format {year}{month}{day}{time}.log

You can re-run the test by clicking on the 'PreCheck' text