Single Database Prerequisites


These requirements needs to be met prior to performing a Single Database Migration from a Triple Database structure.

It is highly recommended that a test server be converted first, with this server emulating the live server as much as possible, for example

  • Files and Structure
  • User Objects (tables, views etc)
  • User Forms


Minimum Database Version

The prechecker will inform of the minimum required Synergetic version to commence upgrade to version 68


Minimum Windows Server OS Version

 Windows 2012 Server

User Requirements

  • The user that is logged in to perform the migration will need to have Local Administrator privileges
  • Windows user needs to be a SysAdmin of the SQL database instance that the migration will be performed on

Disk Space Requirements

The space requirements is calculated by adding up:

  • Size of Database
  • Size of Log Files
  • Size of Backups

and adding a 10% buffer on top.

Database Requirements

  • Passwords that were encrypted using older versions of SQL Server and have not been updated for an extended period of time will not be able to be migrated. If any of these logins are required, modify the password. It can be the same password if your policy allows it.
  • The database needs to have a backup completed within the last day
  • Any non Synergetic databases can exist on the same database instance - this is a notification to upgrade staff to be aware of
  • The database server must NOT be a part of a SQL Availability Group
  • The database server must NOT be used for SQL Log Shipping
  • Any user views that may cause errors when converted