3rd Party Integrations

There should be no known compatibility issues post upgrade with 3rd parties, any issues should be reported immediately to Synergetic Support.

All Synergetic supported user objects (e.g. 'u' tables, views, stored procedures etc.) already existing should be converted during the upgrade process.

  • Please note that these can cause error (e.g. missing objects or renamed tables).  In this case, the object may not be converted and a report detailing these can be produced
  • Synonyms have been utilised where a conversion could not take place (e.g. MSQuery or Custom Reports)
    • These will be supported for a number of Synergetic versions however custom objects should be updated immediately

The Architecture Changes (and all child pages, e.g. Collation Sequences) should be noted to 3rd parties as this may have an affect on integrations.