Before upgrading programs and databases, backups are performed so that the system can, in the event of an error, be returned to its original state.

If possible, it is also highly recommended that you take your own backups before the upgrade process is to commence.

If you have your own backup methods, please ensure these continue to function.


As per Database Naming the pre-upgraded databases will exist alongside the new databases, these have been renamed with a prefix of zPre68..., e.g. zPre68SynergyOne.

The backup files will exist where they have previously.

Please note that due to the introduction of File Groups, backups may need to be handled differently.

Regarding backups, you can disable the databases that don't need to be used (ie. zPre68SynergyOne) and this will exclude them from the backup process.

If you need to access them, then these can be easily re-enabled when required, rather than being restored from an offline backup.

This can be done by selecting the database, right click and select Tasks > Take Offline

The synonym databases should not be an issue with respect to size.


All program files (e.g. Synergetic folder, SynWeb, Portal etc.) are backed up before upgrading.  The location of which is specific to each site.  Contact Synergetic Support for their location.

User Forms

Original *.frm forms are stored in subfolder called Pre68Backup which sits under the Forms folder

Configuration Files (web)

The configuration files are backed up to a sub-folder (XmlBackup) where the current configuration file exist (SynwebCfg).

Tips for recovering space

  • The 'zPre...' databases should have the recovery model set to 'simple', and shrink the transaction log back to 100MB.
  • The 'SynergyOne...' synonym databases should have the recovery set to 'simple'