Bulk Changing Reports Datasource to new Single Database Source with Find it Ez - Code Search Pro

This information is provided in good faith and Synergetic cannot provide any warranty on the use of the following software.


To provide step by step instruction on how to bulk assign a new Database source to an existing custom report using Find it Ez - Code Search Pro.


  • SA equivalent Access
  • Access to Synergetic Reports Site Folder
  • Find it Ez - Code Search Pro
  • You need to have the Single Database Synergetic instance run to populate the ODBC connections


  1. Run Find it EZ software
  2. Click Replace, Crystal Reports , Data Source Connection or Qualified table names.
  3. Create New Project
  4. Next
  5. Add or change the path to your crystal reports.
  6. Next
  7. Create too a new folder so you have a duplicate
  8. Next
  9. Choose the new ODBC Connection (should be called Synergetic instead of SynergyOne) and username and Password. 
    1. This actually needs to happen for all Extra Finance and Finance Database
    2. eg. SynergyOneFinance, SynergyOneFoundation, will all point to Synergetic now
  10. Check Leave the DSN qualified Table name as its currently set
  11. Next
  12. Convert
  13. This will Generate a Excel report of the conversion.


  1. Run the report as usual
  2. Possibly make some test changes to the new Single Database instance to confirm that data is been pulled from the correct source.
  3. Once Confirmed reports are running, archive non Single DB report and replace the site folder reports with the new Single DB reports that were converted.

Known Problems

  • If the account this is run under has high level access to multiple database schemas (eg Foundation and Main Synergetic), the resultant database link appears to be randomly associated to either schema