Backing up to a test environment


When you backup and restore a database to a secondary environment you are also restoring items such as:

  • Crystal Report schedules
  • Absence event notifications
  • MessageMedia
  • DocMan
  • SIF
  • VSN

Many of these can be turned off by disabling the Synergetic service on the test environment- obviously if you need to use these for testing then this will need to be a consideration.

Core API config value

There is a config key Middleware|Core|URL that is configured for the Synergetic instance to connect to a respective web service middleware.

If you are using a separate instance of this for your test instance, this will need to be changed accordingly.

As the process of setting up and configuring a test environment can be quite complex, we recommend that you Request a Product or Service Installation via the Upgrades and Installations service desk.