Calculating leave entitlements

Leave entitlements calculated with the FTE calculation method accrue automatically each pay period, and as entitlement periods are passed. Leave entitlement for awards that use the Hours Worked calculation method must be calculated manually with the Calculate Leave Hours window.

Note: You cannot update the payroll for employees with hour-based leave until you have calculated the leave hours. Similarly, if the pay records are changed, the leave hours must be recalculated by running the Calculate Leave Hours program again.

 Opening the Calculate Leave Hours window

To open the Calculate Leave Hours window:

  1. Select Module > Payroll > Calculate Payroll Leave.
    The Calculate Leave Hours window is displayed.

Calculate Leave Hours window key fields and buttons




Pay Date

Date at which the leave is calculated.

Tip: You can use the Leave Calc Date Based On field of the Payroll tab of Synergetic Financial Configuration to select the date used to calculate leave. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Payroll tab.

Posting Number

Posting for which the leave will be calculated.


Description of the posting.




Delete all leave accrual for this posting.

Select another posting for which to calculate leave.

Calculate leave for this posting.

Close the Calculate Leave Hours window without calculating leave.