Adding new qualifications

Use the Add Qualification window to add new qualifications for a staff member. Also see Staff Maintenance - Qualifications tab.

 Opening the Add Qualification window

To open the Add Qualification window:

  1. Open the Qualifications tab of the Staff Maintenance window. See Staff Maintenance - Qualifications tab.
    The Qualifications tab of the Staff Maintenance window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Add Qualification window is displayed.

Add Qualification window key fields



Qualification Code

Unique identifier for the qualification.

Training Provider

Institution that trained the staff member and conferred the qualification.

Qualification Level

Level of the qualification achieved or whether incomplete or failed.
For example, a credit may have been achieved on average.

Registration Code

Unique identifier supplied by the training provider as verification of the qualification conferred.

Major 1 and Major 2

Major subjects being undertaken. Add both majors, if the staff member has a double-major qualification.

Minor 1 and Minor 2

Minor subjects being undertaken, if relevant.

Attained Date

Date the qualification was conferred, if the study has been completed.

Expected Attainment Year

Year that the study is planned for completion and the qualification conferred.