Loading debtor charges merge files

Use the Load Merge File window to load a file from an external application into debtors.
The file you import can be imported with or without a header record containing the field names. If it does not contain a header row, the fields must appear in the order specified in the table below.
The import process is not case sensitive. That is, it does not matter whether the data you import is upper case or lower case.

 Opening the Load Merge File window

To open the Load Merge File window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Debtors Charges Import from the main menu.
    The Debtors Charges Import window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Load Merge File window is displayed.

    Note: Ensure the merge file is not open in another program when you import it into Synergetic. If the file is being used by another program, the following error message is displayed:

    Close the program that has the merge file open, then click  to try to import it again.


Load Merge File window key fields and buttons




Name of Import File

Directory and file name of the import file, including the file extension.
The file displayed initially is the one last used.

Delimiter Character

The delimiter is the character that is used to separate each field in the import file.
The default character used is the comma.
Another common character used is the tab character. Type in a T to represent the tab character.

File Contains Header Record

Select to indicate that the first record in the file contains a header record, which specifies the name of each record. All other records are data records.
If you select this flag, you can specify any of the fields listed below, in no particular order.
If you do not select this flag, you must supply fields in the following order. Not all fields are required.

  • DebtorID
  • DebtorStudentID
  • StudentID
  • FeeCode
  • TransactionDate
  • TransactionAmount
  • TransactionDescription
  • OrideGLCode
  • OrideGLSubAllocationCode
  • OrideTaxCode.
    Note: StudentID and FeeCode are the only mandatory fields. Fee codes must have an associated tax code.




Display the rules used when importing data.

Search for an import file.