Create New Community Member - Spouse Name window

The Spouse Name window is the same in all modules. The example below shows a typical Spouse window.

On the Spouse window:

  1. If there is no spouse, leave all fields blanks and click .
    The Address Details window is displayed. See Home Address window.
  2. If the spouse is an existing community member, either:

     Type in details you know about them, click and select the spouse. See Possible Name Match Found window.
     If you know their Synergetic ID, select Use Existing ID and type it into the ID field.

    The details of the person are retrieved from the community database.
  3. Click .
    The following windows are displayed after the Spouse Name window, depending on the selections made:

     Address details. See Home Address window.
     Couple relationship. See Select Couple Relationship window.
     Community member's phone and occupation details. See Phone/Occupation window.
     Spouse's phone and occupation details, if applicable. See Phone/Occupation window.