Flipping spouses

Use the Flip Spouses icon  to make the spouse contact the primary contact in a relationship.

You might want to flip spouses:

  • When a prospective student becomes a future student. The person who initially makes an enquiry is entered as the contact for the prospective student. This is often the mother, and when you enter full details of the student, you may need to make the father the primary person and the mother the spouse. This ensures that mail is addressed to Mr and Mrs, instead of Mrs and Mr.
  • To change the primary contact person for a student to the other spouse.
  • When the parents separate. You may want to make the mother the primary contact person by flipping the spouses and then splitting them.
  • To change the way mail is addressed.
  • For past students and their spouses.

    You can only flip spouses if you have the correct permissions. See Group/User Security Maintenance - Groups view in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

    For more information about maintaining spouse relationships after a divorce or separation, see: