Community creation windows

To enter information in the community creation windows:

  1. Click the button as part of Creating community members.
    The Name window is displayed first. 

    The fields on the Personal and Personal Company Name windows are identical.
  2. Select the Record Type if required.

    If you selected Company, the Name window is displayed with different fields.

    Note: You can define the list of genders used at your organisation using the luGender lookup table. See luGender lookup table.
  3. Enter the community member's name. The name can be either:

     an individual's
     a company name
     an individual at a company address (personal company).

    If the information you enter matches one or more members of the community database, Synergetic displays a window showing possible matches. See Creating community members - Possible Name Matches. Select the matching name, if applicable.
  4. Enter other fields, as required.
  5. Click .
    The following windows are displayed after the Name Details window, depending on the selections made:

     Spouse details, if applicable. See Spouse Name window.
     Home address details. See Home Address window.
     Company address details. See Company Address window.
     Couple relationship. See Select Couple Relationship window.
     Community member's phone and occupation details. See Phone/Occupation window.
     Spouse's phone and occupation details, if applicable. See Phone/Occupation window.
     Matching search results in the IDAM database. See Identity and Access Manager (IDAM) Search Results window.

    The Identity and Access Manager (IDAM) Search Results window is only displayed if the IDAM:Enabled configuration setting is set to True. See IDAM:Enabled configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.