Create New Community Member - Select Couple Relationship window

The Select Couple Relationship window is the same in all modules. The example below shows a typical Select Couple Relationship window.

On the Select Couple Relationship window:

  1. If you create a spouse for a community member, you need to define the relationship between the community member and their spouse.

    Note: You can define the relationship between male, female, and other gendered community members using the RevRelationshipMale, RevRelationshipFemale, and RevRelationshipOther fields of the luRelationship lookup table. See luRelationship lookup table in the Synergetic System Maintenance manual.

  2. Click .
  3. The following windows are displayed after the Select Couple Relationship window, depending on the selections made:

     Community member's phone and occupation details. See Phone/Occupation window.
     Spouse's phone and occupation details, if applicable. See Phone/Occupation window.