Create New Community Member - Spouse Name window

The Spouse Name window is the same in all modules. The example below shows a typical Spouse Name window.

On the Spouse Name window:

  1. If there is no spouse, leave all fields blank and click .
    The Address Details window is displayed. See Home Address window.
  2. If the spouse is an existing community member, either:

    • Type in details you know about them, click and select the spouse. See Possible Name Match Found window.
    • If you know their Synergetic ID, select Use Existing ID and type it into the ID field.

    The details of the person are retrieved from the community database.
  3. Click .
    The following windows are displayed after the Spouse Name window, depending on the selections made:

    • Address details. See Home Address window.
    • Couple relationship. See Select Couple Relationship window.
    • Community member's phone and occupation details. See Phone/Occupation window.
    • Spouse's phone and occupation details, if applicable. See Phone/Occupation window.