Use relations to maintain the way in which individuals relate to each other.

Within Synergetic, relationships are represented from the perspective of each individual. For example a father-son relationship is represented as:

  • father-son on the father's record
  • son-father on the son's record.

Relationships are maintained in the luRelationships lookup table, listed in alphabetical order. See Maintaining lookup tables in the System maintenance manual.

Note: You can define the relationship between male, female, and other gendered community members using the RevRelationshipMale, RevRelationshipFemale, and RevRelationshipOther fields of the luRelationship lookup table. See luRelationship lookup table.

Relationship tree

The relationship tree is:

  • a graphical representation of relationships:
  • with the selected community member
  • between community members linked to the selected community member.
  • available from screens used to maintain aspects of community members, such as debtors.

Use the relationship tree to:

  • overview relationships
  • select another individual in the community
  • add new relationships to selected individuals in the tree
  • navigate quickly to individuals in the tree and update their details if required
  • delete relationships if required.

 Opening the Relationship Tree window

To open the Relationship Tree window:

  1. Either:
    • Click  on the Community Maintenance toolbar.
    • Select Action > Generate Relationship Tree from the main menu when the Community Maintenance window is open.
    • Press Ctrl and T when the Community Maintenance window is open.
    The Relationship Tree window is displayed, with the current community member at the top of the tree.

Relationship Tree buttons



Launches the Community Maintenance window for the selected community member.

You can also double click on the selected record to launch Community Maintenance. See Maintaining community members.

Add a new relationship. See Adding new relations (Community).

Delete the relationships between the selected record and the current community member.

Move the selected record to the top of the relationship tree.

This is useful for quickly looking at the relationships of the selected record.

Expand the entire branch for the selected record.

You can also click on the icon on the tree nodes to expand branches to the next level only.

Display all relationships by expanding all branches.

For extensive relationships it is better to expand individual branches, as expanding all can take some time to process.

Collapse the relationships to display only the key relationships of the person at the top of the tree.

Refresh the relationship tree from the database.

This can be necessary to display recently added relationships.

Display the relationship tree at full screen size, if the relationships are extensive.

For example, if grandparents and great grandparents are displayed the tree extends over to the right.

Return to the default screen size.