Deleting community members

To delete a community member:

  1. Check maintenance functions for actions needed before deleting the community member. For example:


    Make sure that:

    Current Student Maintenance

    You remove all courses and classes that the student is enrolled in.

    Creditor MaintenanceThe balance of the community member's account is zero. All outstanding payments must be made before deleting a creditor.

    Debtor Maintenance

    The balance of the community member's account is zero. All debts must be received before deletion can occur.

    Staff Maintenance

    You remove any classes that the staff member is teaching.

  2. Search for the community member. See Searching for community members.
  3. Open the relevant modules and delete the community member from each. For example, if the community member is a:

    • debtor, open Debtor Maintenance windows
    • supplier, open Creditor Maintenance windows.

    on the Constits tab to open the relevant module.

  4. Remove links with a spouse and other relations. See Removing spouse links and relationships.
  5. Delete links to user-defined constituencies. See Deleting links to user-defined constituencies.
  6. Delete the community member. See Deleting community members from Synergetic.