Community Maintenance - Skills tab

Use the Skills tab to keep a record of any community member's skills that can be of use to your organisation. For example, tradespeople.
You can edit existing skills by selecting the skill in the grid area and changing field selections.

 Opening the Skills tab

To open the Skills tab:

  1. Select Module > Community Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Community Search Criteria window is displayed.

    You can also access the Set Community Search Criteria window by clicking

  2. Search for the community member. See Searching for community members.
    The Constits tab of the Community Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Skills tab.
    The Skills tab of the Community Maintenance window is displayed.

Community Maintenance - Skills tab key fields and buttons

Note: Fields in the skills area correspond to the selected row in the grid area.




Skill Code

Code for the skill. For example, Plumber.

Skill Level

Level achieved. For example, A Grade.

Attained Date

Date that the skill was acquired.

Expiry Date

Enter the expiry date if the skill will expire on a given date.

Some skills have a limited lifetime. For example, plumbers have ongoing certification requirements for their skills to stay current.

Current Skills Only

Select to display only skills that have passed their Attained Date but not reached their Expiry Date.


Any comment about the skill.




A new row is added in the grid area.

Edit the details in the skills area.

Delete the selected skill from the community member's record.