Making adjustments for students not attending classes

If you have a policy of not charging students when they do not attend a class, then you need to:

  • mark student's classes with adjustment units
  • run the Student Class Charges program with Adjustment selected.

The default number of units per semester for the class is set up in:

  • Class Maintenance
  • Co-Curricular Class Maintenance.

To adjust the charges for an individual student:

  1. Load the student's record in Current Student Maintenance. See Maintaining current students.
  2. Click the Classes tab for an academic class or Co-Curricular for other classes.
  3. Select the class that needs adjusting.
  4. Click  to set the adjustment units.

Beth, a year 7 student, enrols in the 30-minute piano class late in the term. The class is run 15 times a semester. For each lesson she is charged $30 via the fee code INSTRUMENT1. She has missed four lessons so far, so an adjustment entry of -4 must be made. The default run first applies the charge for the 15 lessons, then the adjustment run generates a credit for the 4 missed lessons.