Selecting groups of students to charge

Use the Debtor Automatic Charges - Selection window to select the group of students that the charge applies to.

Unlike most selection windows where you can only filter once to create a group, you can come back to this window and select more students to add to your existing group.

This selection screen is similar to that in Student Maintenance and allows you to filter on campus, year level, form, house, boarder and status as main selections. See Maintaining current students in the Current students manual.

 Opening the Debtor Automatic Charges - Selection window

To open the Debtor Automatic charges - Selections window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Automatic Charges from the main menu.
    The Debtor Automatic Charges window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the debtor functions by clicking .
  2. Click .
    The Debtor Automatic charges - Selections window is displayed.

Debtor Automatic Charges - Selection window key fields and buttons




File Year

Select the year to process.

File Term / Semester

Select the term or semester to process within the selected year.

Process Date

This date is used to determine whether to charge students or not by checking if they have left, deferred and so on. Defaults to the current date.

Only Students with Entry Date on or Before this Date

Select to only process students who are recorded as starting on or before the Process Date.

Year Level

A range of year levels can be selected.
If you only want to select one year level then you must enter it in both the From Year Level and To Year Level fields.

Tuition Variation

Define the type of debtor that the automatic charge applies to.

Note: This field is unavailable if Process All Tuition Variation Types is selected.

See Tuition variation example.

Family Position

This selection specifies that you only want to include certain students within a family, such as the eldest child in the family. Select the position of student in the family, where 1 is the eldest child.

Calculate Family Position Based On

There are two ways of processing the data if you are using the Family Position field:

  • Overall: The family position is determined by all students in the family, not just the ones within this selection.
  • Just this Selection: You may want to charge the eldest student in the family from this group and also the eldest student from another selected group as separate charges. For example, one charge for the eldest in junior school and one for the eldest in senior school even though they are from the same family.

Students Who Are Selected Are

Include or exclude the selected students, either in the Charge or Not Charge grid depending on your selection.

Tip: Using this selection you can select a few students from your new group to add to the existing group. Therefore, placing them on the Not Charge side allows you to manually pick the students that are to be billed.

Students who do not have the Allow Auto Charges flag selected will still be included in your group but will automatically be placed in the Students NOT to be Charged section with *No Auto* next to their name. To alter this flag, go to the Flags area of the Current Student Maintenance - Debtor tab in the Current students manual.




You also have the option to load student details from a file.

For example, you might have a list of all the students that attended a camp. You could then load this file into Synergetic so that all the students that attended the camp can be billed.