Exporting Conveyance Program Allowance data

Victorian organisations can complete the steps in this topic to export Conveyance Allowance Program data.

Important:  This topic uses the Transport tab of the Import/Export Student Data window. This tab is only visible if the RegionCode configuration setting value is set to VIC. See RegionCode configuration setting.

To export Conveyance Program Allowance data:

  1. Open the Transport tab of the Import_Export Student Data window. See Import_Export Student Data - Transport tab
    The Transport tab of the Import_Export Student Data window is displayed.
  2. Select the year using the Year field.
  3. Select Conveyance Allowance from the Export File drop-down list.

    Note:  This tab is currently only used to export the Conveyance Allowance Program data file.

  4. Select the Current Students Only field, if you do not want to export past students.
  5. Select the process date for the export using the Process Date field.
  6. Select the View Exported Students field, if you would like to view a listing of the exported students.
  7. Click .
    The Select Folder window is displayed.
  8. Select a file location to save the exported file.
  9. Click .
  10. Click .
    The Confirm window is displayed.
  11. Click .
    The Students included in the Export window is displayed, if you selected the View Exported Students field. See above.
  12. Click .
    The Conveyance Program Allowance data is exported and the following window is displayed.