Past Student Maintenance - Semester tab

Use the Semester tab to view historical enrolment information for each semester or year the student attended your organisation.


 Opening the Semester tab

To open the Semester tab:

  1. Select Module > Development > Past Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Past Student Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the past student functions by clicking .
  2. Select the past student. See Searching for past students.
    The Personal tab of the Past Student Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Semester tab.
    The Semester tab of the Past Student Maintenance window is displayed.

Past Student Maintenance - Semester tab key fields

Grid area fields
The grid area fields correspond to the fields below, for the selected record.




Student's campus.

Year Level

Student year level.

Family Position

Student's position in their family. For example the oldest child's family position is 1.

Note: Synergetic treats all students, current or future, who share the same primary (SC1) contact as a family. Twins are sorted by their ID.


Allocated student form.

Maintain the values in the luForm lookup table. See luForm lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Tutor Group

Allocated student tutor group. For example, students may meet with their tutor before the first period to receive information about forthcoming events and other matters.

Maintain the values in the luTutor lookup table. See luTutor lookup table in the System maintenance manual.


Allocated house group.

Maintain the values in the luHouse lookup table. See luHouse lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Locker Book

Locker area.

Locker Other

Additional locker area, if required. Sometimes used for keys.


Student's residential status. Typical values include:

  • Boarder
  • Day Student
  • Home Stay.

Note: You can use the luBoarder lookup table to maintain entries. See luBoarder lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Boarding House

Boarder's residence, if applicable.

Learning Pathway

Student's learning pathway. For example, International Baccalaureate.

Note: For information about defining learning pathways, see the luLearningPathway lookup table. See luLearningPathway lookup table.

Note: This field is used to report student learning pathways to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). This information is included in the Register New Student File, which can be exported for submission to the QCAA using the QCAA tab of the Import/Export Student Data window. See Import_Export Student Data - QCAA tab.

Travel Allowance

Selected if the student receives a travel allowance.


Student's status.

Leaving Date

Date the student left your organisation if applicable.

Students either appear on reports or not based on their leaving date.


Reason the student left your organisation, if applicable.

Nxt Yr Status

Student's status for the next school year.

Only selected if the student's status is unusual. For example a student leaving the school at the end of Year 10. In most cases (based on the luYearLevel lookup table), Year 12 students are automatically assumed to be leaving. See Creating next term details in the Curriculum manual.

Returning Date

Select the student's return date if the student is on leave of absence in the current or next academic year.

Leaving Dest

Student's destination after they leave your organisation. For example their new school or employer's details.