Searching for past students

Use the Set Past Student Search Criteria window to search for past students. See Searching in the Introduction manual for details on how to use the search tools.

If the student is not found, click to add a new past student from this window. See Creating past students.


 Opening the Set Past Student Search Criteria window

To open the Set Past Student Search Criteria window:

  1. Select Module > Development > Past Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Past Student Search Criteria window is displayed.

In the Set Past Student Search Criteria window, type in the information you know about the student or group of past students.

Set Past Student Search Criteria window key fields and buttons

General area fields



File Type

Search for students by the file type of the class.

The system administrator defines the student record file types. Refer to the System maintenance manual.

Year /

Search for students by year and term of enrolment.


Search for students by the campus where their classes or courses are held.

Class/Course area fields



Class Code

Search for students by class code, if applicable.

Course Code

Search for students by course code, if applicable.

Linked Course Code

Search for students with courses that are linked to the course code specified, if applicable.

Course Status

Search for students by course status, if applicable.

Student area fields



Peer Year

Year the student would have completed their final year of secondary schooling. Also known as alumni year.

Year Left

Last year of schooling at your organisation.

Last Campus

Last campus attended.

Sub School

Search for students by the sub-school they are grouped into, if applicable.

This is used mostly by multi-campus organisations that provide schooling for all year levels at each campus. For example, year levels can be grouped into:

  • junior school
  • middle school
  • senior school.

Warning: Do not add sub-schools by selecting from the right click menu because entries are required in both the luSubSchool and the luYearLevel lookup tables.

See the luSubSchool and luYearLevel lookup tables in the System maintenance manual.

Last Year Level

Year level that the student left your organisation.

Last House

House the student was involved with.


Branch of the association that the past student is a member of.


Search for students by gender.

Note: You can define the list of genders used at your organisation using the luGender lookup table. See luGender lookup table.


Student's last name.

Prev Surname

Previous surname if the student has changed their name. For example, the immediate previous surname of a student that has married once.

Given 1

Student's given name.


Student's preferred name.

Name at School

Normally in the form of Surname, Given 1 (Preferred) but for searching purposes you can use the surname only.

Gov Student No

Student number assigned to the student by the government.
Used for searching for an individual student.

Currently used in the State of Victoria, Australia. Also known as VSN.


Automatically generated by Synergetic when you create a new past student. Used for searching for an individual student.

Tagged IDs

Past students you have previously tagged.




Add a new student record. See Creating past students.