Past students Overview

Past students are those students who have left your organisation.
When current students leave your organisation, all their information is transferred to the past students constituency. Contact is maintained with past students for a number of reasons, including fundraising.

Student types

Synergetic allows you to enter and maintain details of the following types of student records:

  • Prospective students are created when you receive enrolment enquiries.
  • Once a prospective student has made an application to enrol, they become a future student.
  • When a student starts at your organisation, they become a current student.
  • When a student leaves your organisation, they become a past student.

Note: The Future, Current and Past student types are maintained as constituencies in the community database. It is possible for students to belong to more than one constituency. For example, a student would be both a past student and a future student if they had left your organisation for a period of time and also had an application in to return.


  • Are not created in the community database. Enquiry students are created through Enquiry Student Maintenance.
  • Have an enquiry ID number associated with them instead of a community ID.
  • Are transferred into future students when an enrolment application is received.

Future Students:

  • Are part of the community and their ID is a Synergetic community ID.
  • May be created by transferring an enquiry to a future student or directly, by creating a future student through Future Student Maintenance.
  • Are transferred into current students when commencing at your organisation.

How to:
Use past students functions to: