Maintaining past students

Use the Past students function to maintain details about students who have left your organisation.
The details of past students are:

Note: Historical information such as transport used, scholarships, classes and work experience are kept in case the student becomes a current student again.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


View personal information about the student, including contact details.

Past Student Maintenance - Personal tab

Maintain final-year schooling related information to:

  • specify year level and other details of the student's final year at your organisation
  • specify the reason for leaving and where the student has gone
  • flag whether the past student was an International Baccalaureate student.

Maintain entry details of the past student.

Maintain details about the ability of students to perform physical activities.

Maintain the membership details of the past student with your organisation's past student's association.

View enrolment deposit details.

Maintain family relationships from the student's perspective.

Past Student Maintenance - Relations tab

Maintain comments about the past student.

View historical student information.

View historical enrolment information for each semester/year the student attended your organisation.

View contact details for primary and alternative contacts, particularly parents.

View details of transportation the student used to get to and from your organisation.

View details of external or internal courses that the past student attended.

Past Student Maintenance - Courses tab

View academic and co-curricular classes that the past student was involved in.

Past Student Maintenance - Classes tab

View assessment results for classes attended by the past student.

View all overall assessment comments about the past student.

View correspondence lessons undertaken by the past student.

View scholarships applied for by the student and awarded at your organisation.

Maintain details of awards conferred on the student while at your organisation.

View materials used by the past student for external or internal courses.


  • public medical alerts
  • medical details and incidents.

View past student medical conditions.

Maintain codes used to:

  • cross link records back to previous systems
  • link to other database records used at your organisation.

View details of the past student's work experience.

View and maintain details of any activities.
You can flag activities with a follow up date.

Past Student Maintenance - Activity tab

With student photos:

  • view the most recent photo of the student
  • review the details of when the photo was updated
  • flag which permissions have been provided by the parent to allow you to use the student's photo in external communications.


  • legal separations
  • court orders.

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

Add documents, spreadsheets and pictures to a student's file.

You can:

  • record citizenship, passport and visa details
  • set which citizenship or visa subclass is active at present.

View audit details of who last maintained the past student record and when.

View attendance and absence records of the past student.

View past communications sent to past students.

Past Student Maintenance - Comms tab

View and maintain:

  • communications yet to be sent to the past student
  • the past student's notification methods.

View and maintain events the past student is attending.

View events the past student has attended in the past.

New Zealand organisations update settings required by the New Zealand Ministry of Education (NZ MOE).

View and maintain:

  • documents uploaded to the past student's DocMan tab
  • correspondence sent to the past student
  • emails dragged and dropped from Microsoft Outlook.

You can maintain:

  • general and specific details about each learning plan
  • activities for each learning plan
  • learning areas associated with each learning plan.

You can:

  • schedule interviews
  • assign staff members to interviews
  • record interview outcomes
  • maintain interview details.

Maintain details of past student disabilities including:

  • category of disability
  • adjustment level required to accommodate the disability
  • needs identified
  • adjustment details
  • consultation details
  • review comments.
Past Student Maintenance - Disability tab

Import updated past student information from the Potentiality web service.

Import/Export Student Data window