Past Student Maintenance - Schooling tab

Use the Schooling tab to maintain final-year schooling related information to:

  • specify year level and other details of the student's final year at your organisation
  • specify the reason for leaving and where the student has gone
  • flag whether the past student was an International Baccalaureate student.


 Opening the Schooling tab

To open the Schooling tab:

  1. Select Module > Development > Past Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Past Student Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the past student functions by clicking .
  2. Select the past student. See Searching for past students.
    The Personal tab of the Past Student Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Schooling tab.
    The Schooling tab of the Past Student Maintenance window is displayed.

Past Student Maintenance - Schooling tab key fields and buttons




Peer Year

Year the student would have completed their final year of secondary schooling. Also known as alumni year.

The peer year is usually based on the:

  • Leaving year using the File Year specified when transferring an individual student or several students in bulk.
  • Plus YearsUntilGraduation value from the luYearLevel lookup table. See luYearLevel lookup table (Next Year Process) in the System maintenance manual.

The current student's entry date at the time of transferring them to past students can be used instead to determine the peer year.

See UseEntryDate configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.

Learning Pathway

Student's learning pathway. For example, International Baccalaureate.

Note: For information about defining learning pathways, see the luLearningPathway lookup table. See luLearningPathway lookup table.

Note: This field is used to report student learning pathway selections to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). This information is included in the Register New Student File, which can be exported for submission to the QCAA using the QCAA tab of the Import/Export Student Data window. See Import_Export Student Data - QCAA tab.

Date Left

Date the student left your organisation.

Leaving Reason

Reason the student left.

Leaving Destination

Destination that the student is going to. For example, the student has been accepted at a tertiary institution.

Last Campus

Last campus that the student attended.

Last Year Level

Year level the student was enrolled in before they left.

Last Form

Form the student was enrolled in before they left.

Last House

Student's last house.

Name at School

Name of the student used at your organisation. Normally in the form of Surname, Given 1 (Preferred) but for searching purposes you can use the surname only. For example, a past student has married and changed their name.


Student's residential status. Typical values include:

  • Boarder
  • Day Student
  • Home Stay.

Note: You can use the luBoarder lookup table to maintain entries. See luBoarder lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Boarding House

Boarding house the student resided at in their final year.




Click to enter pre-1900 dates in the Date Left field.