Marking attendances for co-curricular activities

Note: You can mark attendance for scheduled classes using the Attendance window. See Class attendance in the Attendance and absence events manual.

You can also mark attendances for scheduled co-curricular activities using the Schedule bar. See Marking co-curricular attendance in the SynWeb Co-curriculum manual.

To mark attendances for a co-curricular activity:

  1. Select the co-curricular activity that you have set up in the schedule.

    Co-curricular activities that have been added to the schedule are displayed in a light blue background.
  2. Right click to display the following shortcut menu.
  3. Select Attendances…
    The Mark Class Attendances window is displayed.
  4. Either:
    • select each student who attended the meeting
    • do nothing to select all the students listed.
  5. Click .
    The Confirm Attendance window is displayed.
  6. Click 
    The selected students are marked as attending the co-curricular activity.