Curriculum Overview

The Curriculum package (integrated within Synergetic) allows you to add and maintain the curriculum areas in your organisation, such as courses, classes and the timetable. You can:

  • Create timetable definitions. Each timetable definition includes the:
  • file type (to allow both academic and non-academic timetables or classes)
  • group code (for multiple timetable definitions, for example when a school has a junior and a senior campus)
  • day and period, user-defined period descriptions and times.

You can link classes, rooms and staff to a timetable period, define year level coordinators and allow calendar events. For example, seeding the start date of a variable day timetable. See Maintaining timetables.

You can:

  • View and maintain academic and non-academic student timetables.
  • Create a class definition. Each class definition includes a description of the class, the staff member taking the class, the year level the class is offered at and the learning area the class is allocated to. See Maintaining classes in the Assessments and reports manual.
  • Create student classes. You can link a student to a class, maintain the student's status in the class, view the dates the student started and/or left the class (if applicable), view classes the student has taken in previous terms or years, and view and maintain non-academic classes. See Maintaining classes in the Assessments and reports manual.
  • View and maintain staff classes, including any non-academic classes taken by the staff member, and timetables.

You can copy information from a separate timetable program used by your organisation, including:

The Curriculum manual includes information on the following areas:

You must have the Synergetic Core module installed to run the Curriculum module. Other modules are available which expand the student details available to your organisation. They include Medical Records, Timetable and Classes (Programs) Enquiry, Assessments, and Attendance and Absence Events.